A Hit From The Swing

by Flossy Clouds

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Claire Foley
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Claire Foley why dont you go ahead? Favorite track: Soda Machine.
Nomad Mike
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Nomad Mike this album gave me a ride to the grocery store across town without asking for gas money Favorite track: Arrow.
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hello all,

as someone who has always found catharsis in music, i hope this album can help you with whatever worries & anxieties you are facing. please listen whenever and wherever you want. i suggest:
before bed,
in the dark,
driving in your car,
looking at the clouds ...

thank you everyone.
i love you very much.

- will

(cassettes soon !!!)


released August 22, 2015

Recorded at home by Will McGovern & Lukas Wheeler
from June to August
Produced by Will McGovern and Lukas Wheeler
Additional Production on "Soda Machine" & “Library” by Charlie Capeless
Mixed by Will McGovern & Lukas Wheeler
Additional Mixing on “Library” by Charlie Capeless


Jared Bozza plays lead/bass guitar on “Space Balcony”
Benny Gottwald claps his hands on “Space Balcony”
Alex Sandin plays drums on “Space Balcony”

Sergio Delmolino plays piano on “Floating”

Max Wheeler plays electric piano on “Try”

Charlie Capeless plays bass on “Library"

Benne Perkins sings on "Little Flowers"


All songs written by Will McGovern
Album art by Emmanuelle Maher
Cassette art by Alexandra Smith


Recording this would be impossible without the support of our family & friends. Thank you all!

…and most of all, thank YOU for listening



all rights reserved


Flossy Clouds Santa Fe, New Mexico

you look so beautiful today

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Track Name: Soda Machine
inside the dining hall
i can’t help myself at all
u chew your cuticles
u look so beautiful

you say i smell like smoke
laughing at someone’s joke
wondering how i seem
staring so nervously

darian always said
why don’t you go ahead
but i think its all pretend
i laugh it off instead

at the soda machine she
waits there for me maybe
she will save me a seat
maybe maybe
Track Name: Space Balcony
every time I see your face
i feel like I'm in outer space
there isn't any light or sound
and nobody else around

all i want to do
is be next to you
but you've got shit to do
still i wish i could

and when im on the balcony
i hope that you will notice me
and everything i can't admit
hiding with my cigarettes
Track Name: Library
i saw you today
at the library
i couldn't hear you
i think that i'm finally
starting to believe
that you might actually
give a shit about me

i wanna tell you
exactly the way i feel
but i can never find
a way that feels real
when i look at you
i start to sweat
all i can see in your eyes
is abandonment
Track Name: Floating
at the party
i floated around
you for a while

can you see
the hesitation all
over my smile

you were floating too
honey i was worried about you

anit it funny
how i hesitated
to put my arm around you
getting drunk
and singing karaoke
didn't it make u feel good

i didn't feel good too
were you worried like i was for you

we were floating through
honey we don't know what we are doing
Track Name: Try
i'd like to leave
all i want to leave it
i'd like to leave it all
i'd like to keep
all if i can keep it all

i know i have to try

i'd die to be it
oh! i want to be it
i want to be at all
i try to see it
oh, but i can't see it
but i can't see at all
no i can't see at all

i know i have to try
Track Name: Arrow
yesterday your arrow
shot me in the brain
on my way to walgreens
walking in the rain

stupid staying up so late
big mistake
big mistake
whats the difference anyway
Track Name: Swing
sitting at the table
staring at the wall
i want to be stable
i don't want to fall

Arthur took me to the swing
just to hear our voices ring
we don't need a thing to say
looking out at Santa Fe

can it make me shatter ?
blowing in the breeze
doesn'treally matter
swaying like the trees
Track Name: Little Flowers
I'm the desert
when the summer ends
cold october
is my only friend
windy autumn
takes the leaves again

... and the little flowers

february hasn't
much to give
memories fading
thru a silver sieve
been so long
i barely give a shit

... 'bout the little flowers

april showers
tend to come and go
pushed up buttercup
against your nose
i put roses
into your bouquet

... of little flowers